0.7X-5X Zoom Monocular Inspection Microscope + 9MP USB 2.0 C-mount Camera

0.7X-5X Zoom Monocular Inspection Microscope + 9MP USB 2.0 C-mount Camera


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0.7X-5X Zoom Monocular Inspection Microscope + 9MP USB 2.0 C-mount Camera
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The H800 is designed specifically for photomicrography, providing 0.7X-5X zoom magnification and a C-mount interface for most professional microscope cameras. While stereo microscopes are the preferred choice for low-magnification work like micro-soldering and dissection, the stereo lens design is not optimal for producing accurate photos or videos due to off-axis, angular distortion and keystoning. This single-lens microscope provides the same magnification range, but without the distortion.

The 0.7X-5X zoom objective lens produces exceptionally sharp images throughout the entire range. The C-mount camera interface is height-adjustable, allowing precise parfocal adjustments to keep the lens in focus throughout the zoom range. The microscope has an integrated 0.4X reduction element optimized for cameras using 1/2" format sensors, providing more field-of-view.

An optional adapter is available (AD-C23) to convert the C-mount interface into a 30mm or 23mm tube which can be used with eyepieces or camera reduction lenses. If you choose to use this microscope with an eyepiece or one of our 23mm DSLR adapters, this optional adapter is exactly what you would need.

This package includes a table-stand with an 11” pillar and a focusing block. The focusing block uses a model-specific collar for mounting the lens, and symmetrical, tension-adjustable coarse focus knobs. The large base provides ample working area and stability.

This model includes a 96-LED ring-light to provide bright, even lighting. The light intensity is controlled by a power module with a simple, single-knob design which can cover a large range of brightness.

Monitor and capture photos and videos with the included 9MP USB2.0 camera. The C-mount camera is specially designed for use with microscopes, allowing you to watch live images, and to record photos or videos on your computer. This ability to view microscopic images on your computer reduces eye-strain, and allows groups of people to view images at the same time. A 0.5X reduction lens is included to capture more of the microscope's field-of-view. Our professional software for Windows provides a wide assortment of capture and photo-editing functions including color correction, time-lapse capture, image stitching, and a full complement of measuring tools. A lite version of our software is available for Mac and Linux with essential functionality for capturing photos and videos.


  • Zoom microscope objective: 0.7X-5.0X
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.02-0.07
  • Resolution: 63-180lp/mm
  • Optical Correction: Semi-apochromatic
  • Mount: C-mount with integrated 0.4X reduction
  • Working distance: 4-1/8" (105mm)
  • Field of view: 1/2"x11/16" (12.9mm X 17.1mm) to 5/64"x3/32" (1.8mm X 2.4mm)
  • Metal Stand Base: 12 5/8" x 10 1/4"
  • Pillar: 11" (280mm) long, 1.25" (32mm) diameter
  • Ring-light: 4.5W 96-LED
  • Ring-light Brightness: 15000lux @ 100mm
  • Ring-light Color Temperature: 6400K
  • Ring-light Power: 110-240V, 50-60HZ, auto-switching wide-band

  • Camera Specifications
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Optical Format 1/2.4"
    Active Pixels 9M (3488 x 2616)
    Pixel Size 1.67µm x 1.67µm
    Active Sensor Area 5.82mm x 4.37mm
    Shutter electronic rolling shutter
    Sensitivity 0.31V/Lux-sec
    Spectral Response 380-650nm with IR-cut filter
    Capture Resolution and Maximum Framerate 1.9fps @ 3488x2616
    8fps @ 1744x1308
    27fps @ 872x654
    Connectivity USB 2.0
    Lens-mount C-mount
    Compensating Lens 0.5X
    Power 5VDC over USB


    OS Requirements Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8+, Linux kernel 3.13+
    Hardware Requirements Intel Core2 2.8GHz or comparable processor, 4GB RAM
    Windows Version
    Live video preview
    Captures still images and video
    Time-lapse capture
    Exposure and white-balance controls
    Dark-field correction
    Digital binning
    Image processing
    Measurement tools, including lines, arcs, polygons
    Segmentation and counting tools
    Image-stitching, extended depth-of-field, HDR
    Fluorescence color-mapping
    Mac/Linux Versions
    Live video preview
    Captures still images and video
    Exposure control
    Color adjustment
    Measurement tools, including lines, arcs, polygons

    Packing List:

  • One monocular zoom microscope
  • One focusing block
  • One base plate for table-stand
  • One column for table-stand
  • One hex wrench
  • Three screws and washers
  • One dust cover
  • One 96-LED ring-light
  • One power control unit for ring-light
  • One power cord
  • One C-mount USB camera
  • One 0.5X reduction lens
  • Two sizing adapters
  • One USB Type B to USB type A cable
  • One software CD
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