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Head Type
Monocular - One viewing eyepiece. These are more common for Middle / High School level users.

Binocular - Two viewing eyepieces. These are common for College level and up.

Triniocular - A trinocular microscope has a 3rd port which allows for the addition of a camera. Not all microscopes require a trinocular head in order to mount a camera.

Multi-Viewing - These microscopes are typically for Clinical applications and allow for several people to view through the microscope at one time.

Dual-Viewing - Allows for two users to view through the microscope at one time. You can have a simple monocular microscope be dual-viewing or a high end Clinical microscope.

Tilting - A tilting head is commonly found on a Clinical grade microscope and allows the user to adjust the viewing angle. This makes the microscope ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of use.
Illumination Type
Objective Type
Quick View
Leica DM1000 Dermatology MOHS Microscope
  • Binocular, Trinocular, or Ergonomic Binocular Head
  • 2x Objective Included
  • Ergo Ceramic Stage
  • High Quality Leica Optics
  • 5 Year Mechanical & 1 Year Electrical Warranty
$5,214.00 $4,953.00