Pathology Microscope For Your Home

Pathology Microscope For Your Home

One of the many lessons learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic is that even when we can’t physically be in the office, important work can and will get done – remotely. Businesses, Schools, and Government Institutions have all redefined our understanding of the “workplace”. For Pathologists who cannot be present in the office (for any reason) there is a wide selection of microscopes suitable for use at home.

First lets discuss the cost/benefit of new vs. used. With a new microscope you get a current model with LED illumination and a full warranty. Used microscopes are refurbished and fully serviced with a warranty, however they are typically older discontinued models with halogen illumination. The trade-off is a longer lifespan and access to replacement parts with a new scope vs. lower cost with a used one.

You are probably used to working with a Nikon, Leica, Olympus, or Zeiss microscope at the office. These “premium brand” scopes can be upwards of $10k-$15k new (or $5k-$7k refurbished, depending on the configuration). Over the past few years, companies like Accu-Scope, Labomed, and Motic have came a long way and now rival the quality of the “premium brands” while offering great value at an affordable price.

For example the Accu-Scope EXC-400 is a great choice that would compare to the Olympus, Leica, Nikon, or Zeiss you use at work. It is a full size microscope with ergonomic features including an optional ergonomic tilting head. The pathology configuration includes 10x eyepieces which provide a 22mm field of view and a low power scanning 2x objective complete with a flip out condenser. The microscope comes standard with a trinocular head (an ergonomic titling head is available for a small upcharge). This is a solid option that many customers who use an Olympus BX series microscope at work have been purchasing for use at home.

It is even available in a complete digital package.

Another great option is the Labomed Lx500 Dermatology MOHS microscope. This microscope has binocular, trinocular or ergonomic head options. It comes with 10x eyepieces that offer a 22mm FOV and a 2x low power scanning objective with a flip out condenser.

If you are looking for a more compact scope, there are two more options for you to consider:

The Leica DM750 Dermatology MOHS microscope is a solid option. The optics are fantastic. The build and construction is unmatched, and you have a choice between a binocular or ergonomic binocular head. This microscope is more compact than the microscopes you are used to using at work, and the eyepieces only offer a 20mm field of view. As long as you are comfortable with the physical size of the microscope, this is an excellent option. It uses a diffusion slider for the 2x objective which accomplishes the same thing as a flip out condenser (without the need to remember to have to flip a condenser in and out).

Finally for a more affordable compact option, the Accu-Scope 3000-LED MOHS is a microscope that you should consider. The 3000-LED is one of our best selling microscope series. Configured for Dermatology, it includes a 2x lens with a diffusion slider.

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