5 Great Middle/High School Microscopes

5 Great Middle/High School Microscopes

I enjoy making lists. My Top 5 90’s Albums? That’s easy!

1. OK Computer

2. Dirt

3. Achtung Baby

4. Nevermind

5. Amorica

Hmmm…that leaves no room for The Bends, Superunknown, Ill Communication. Maybe it’s not so easy. 

But I can definitely put together a list of 5 great microscopes for Middle/High Schools. After all, I live microscopes 24/7. So without further ado, here they are!

The Big Five

Accu-Scope EXM-150

-High-performance, student-proof instrument 

-An excellent choice for high schools, middle schools, technical institutes, hobbyists, and home school applications

-Includes cord wrap, carrying handle and LED rechargeable illumination 

Swift M3600

-Ideal for high schools and advanced grade levels

-Includes carrying handle, mechanical stage, variable LED illumination and lead-free objectives

National DCX-205 RLED WiFi

-The latest in education technology

-Transmits live images to IOS or Android devices

-Use it as a conventional microscope or share live images with your class

Labomed Luxeo 2S Stereo

-All the performance benefits of a university level microscope in an affordable and durable middle and high school solution

-LED illumination system, superb optics, and a single-cast durable construction

-User friendly features with parts/support from a reputable brand

Accu-Scope EXS-210 Stereo

-Quality and versatility at an affordable cost

-Combines sharp, crisp optics with variable LED illuminators and student-friendly features  

So there you have it. My Middle/High School microscope picks. For more information on these and other microscopes, email sales@microscopecentral.com.

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