Wastewater Treatment Microscopes

Wastewater Treatment Microscopes

Wastewater treatment is the removal of harmful matter from sewage, so that the water that can be safely reintroduced to the environment or reclaimed for other uses. It is accomplished through a separation of solids from the liquid. Essentially, dissolved materials are converted into biological solids that settle and are then removed. This is repeated over and over until a safe water purity level is achieved. Known as an Activated Sludge process, it employs micro-organisms to consume organic matter in sewage and then clump together in an aeration tank before being removed from a secondary settling tank. In order to produce an effective sludge that separates well, the process must be closely monitored/controlled to avoid problems with biological growth, clumping quality and poor settling. Phase Contrast Microscopes are critical for diagnosing these problems through frequent evaluations to determine the level of filamentous bacteria which can impact wastewater treatment efficiency.

There are currently three ways to achieve phase contrast.

  1. Four Individual Phase Attachments. You need to physically add or remove these when you change objectives. While economical, this process of achieving phase can be cumbersome, frustrating, and is not recommended.
  2. Phase Slider. This method uses a bar that is pushed/pulled into position when you change objectives. The caveat is the bar typically does not have room for all four objectives, so it is necessary to remove and replace the bar each time you switch to certain objectives. The position is usually not clearly indicated, and you will need to look below the stage. This is more practical than four individual attachments, but still not ideal. 
  3. Phase Turret Condenser. This solution is easy to use. You simply rotate the turret when you change objectives. No need to add/remove any parts and the position of the turret is clearly indicated right below the stage.

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