Troubleshooting Common Microscope Issues

Problem Description     Microscope Out-of Focus/Poor Image Quality                

Common Issue:

The slide is upside down

The stage height stop is set too low

The coverslip is missing or is too thick/thin

A dry objective has oil on it - common with 40x (clean off the oil)

No oil or insufficient oil contact when using 100x objective

The condenser is too low or the iris is closed


Problem Description      Microscope Does Not Stay In Focus                             

Common Issue:

The slide is not lying flat on the stage

The tension adjustment needs to be tightened

The nosepiece is not full engaged


Problem Description      Dirt/Dust In Field Of View

Common Issue:

If debris moves when you rotate the eyepiece, then the dirt is on the eyepiece

If there is a diminished view under one objective, then that objective has debris on it

The top of the condenser or lamphouse has debris on it


Problem Description     Camera Not In Focus While Eyepieces Are Focused    

Common Issue:

Eyepieces not set at zero mark (set them to zero and re-focus)

C-Mount focus adjustment is not set properly (focus through eyepieces and then adjust the c-mount focus to match)

Make sure you have the proper c-mount for your microscope/camera

Make sure the eyepieces are secured


Problem Descrip. Seeing Double Image/Headache While Using Microscope     

Common Issue:

Microscope could be out of alignment if bumped or dropped and needs repair

The focusing eyepiece is all the way up or down (make sure it is set at zero position)


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