Social Distance Microscopy (SDM) - Is this really a thing?  In truth, I think I just made up that phrase. However, as with everything in 2020, things move quickly.  If its not already part of the lexicon, it soon will be. Covid-19 is making sure of that. You might also ask whether SDM is an oxymoron.  After all, don’t you have to get up close and personal when using a microscope? The simple answer is NO, because there’s that other thing that moves pretty quickly…technology.

Here are just a few ways we can harness the current digital imaging technology to improve safety through social distancing:

WiFi Microscope Cameras

You can easily add WiFi cameras to any brand microscope. No need to huddle over an eyepiece. Captured images can be viewed at a distance on tablets or mobile phones, providing social distancing in classrooms and laboratories.

Digital Slide Scanners

Pathologists can now view specimens remotely (from anywhere at any time). Through real-time telepathology they can connect, share and discuss findings with colleagues and specialists around the world.

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