ProgRes CapturePro Software

ProgRes CapturePro is include with all ProgRes cameras. It comes loaded with useful features listed below:

Mulit-Fluorescence Mode
  • Define up to five different color filters
  • Capture monochrome images and have them colored automatically
  • Use image merging to generate multi fluorescence images
  • Black balance to avoid auto-fluorescence
Measurement Tools
  • Calibrate your camera with your microscope -
  • Display your calibration bar while using the software
  • Perform measurements of: line, circle, ellipse, angle, rectangle, polygon and freeform
  • Store measurements in a separate layer
  • Make measurements on either a live or captured image
  • Export measurements to analysis software
  • Capture single files or video stream
  • Data is stored on the hard drive which results in higher capture frame rates
  • More workflow oriented possibilities for setting up time-lapse experiments
  • Settings give you more control: delay for start time, total number of images, total time and interval time
Monochrome Mode
  • Works with all color cameas in monochrome mode
  • All the advantages of color imaging and fluorescence microscopy are available
  • Captured images can be displayed in the image gallery
  • Ability to easily select, delete, rename or replace images
Multi-Camera Operation
  • Connect up to 5 ProgResĀ® cameras to one computer
  • Choose between the cameras when starting a project or switch between the cameras with the software
Extended Image Display Functionality
  • Perfect image quality with controls for: white and black balance (fluorescence), live gamma, contrast, brightness, and saturation
  • Adjust RGB values in the live image
  • ROI function in full pixel resolution
  • Rotate/Mirror images
Shading Correction
  • Flatfield correction (homogeneous light) available for both live and captured image
  • Background subtraction (fluorescence) available for both live and captured image
Multi-Language Support
  • Supported languages include: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese
Free Software Upgrades
  • Registered users may download the latest software for free for the life of the product