Microscope Reticles

A reticle, often called a eyepiece micrometer is a circular piece of glass with information printed on it. When inserted properly into an eyepiece appears in focus in the field of view. Reticles can be used for linear measurement, particle counting, point of reference etc.

Most of our microscopes can accept a reticle, the most common reticle we sell is a 10mm/100divsion reticle which is used for measurement purposes.

In order to install a reticle into your eyepiece your eyepiece must have either a reticle shelf or reticle retainer ring. Installing a reticle can be done by the customer however it is recommended to have it done by a professional. In order for your reticle to be functional you need to orient it in the proper position, this is the easy part. The more challenging part is making sure the reticle is clean. Any dust, dirt, or metal (from the retaining ring) will show up while looking through the microscope.

There are thousands of reticle patterns to choose from, along with different sizes. We can custom order any reticle. Contact us for any reticle questions or needs.