Meiji Microscope Replacement Bulbs

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ModelBulb Type
Part Number
Incident light: ST-3, SKT-1B, SKT-2B, SKT-3B, GS2000
Incident & transmitted light: SKT-BT, SKT-2BT, SKT-3BT
Transmitted light: STC-3
12V 10W MA111
Meiji TM400 Series 20W models 110V 20W MA361/10
Meiji TM400 Series 30W models 220/240V 30W MA362/20
Meiji Fluorescent box illuminators for GEM stand 4W Tube Fluorescent MA309/05
Meiji GEM stand transmitted light 220/240V 30W MA350/20
Meiji Incident AB, ABZ, PB Stands. All BM/BMK Series 6V 1.2A Tungsten MA560
Meiji Transmitted light: AB, ABZ, PB Stands 6V 1.2A Tungsten MA561
Meiji GEM stand transmitted light 115V 30W MA350/10
Meiji Incident and transmitted light: ABE, ABH, ABZH, PBH Stands 6V 10W Halogen MA570
ModelBulb Type
Part Number
Meiji ML2000, ML5000, VT Series Models, IM7100, IM7200, ML2000, ML7000, ML8000, ML9000, TC5100, TC5200, TC5300, TC5400, TC5500 TC5600, MT Series 30W models; all RZT & RZDT Stands. 6V 30W Halogen MA326
Meiji MA260, MA264H, and MA264EX illuminators 6V 20W Halogen MA260/05
Meiji Fiber Optic Light sources: All FT190 and FL150 Series 21V 150W Halogen FL150/70
Meiji FL180, FL181 & FL182 fiber optic illuminators 21V 150W Halogen FL180/70
Meiji ML5000 Series 50W models, ML7500, ML8500, All MT7500, MT8500 series 12V 50W MA275/05
Meiji MA305/100, MA305/200 ring fluorescent illuminators 8W Ring Fluorescent MA305/05