Live Blood Analyis

Live blood analyis can be performed with a phase contrast microscope (capable of brightfield, phase contrast, & darkfield) or with a darkfield microscope (with a dedicated darkfield condenser)

Which method is right for me?


Phase Contrast - This method is a more economical method, less time consuming, and cleaner method. You should choose phase contrast if you are using the microscope to educate the patient, for nutritional counseling, or if you are performing a biological terrain assessment.


Darkfield - This method is a more expensive method, takes practice, patience, and set up. You should choose this method if you are performing pleomorphic reasearch or practice theories of Enderlein, Naessens, etc.


It is important to note that most phase contrast microscopes we offer use a phase turret condenser. This condenser will allow you to achieve brightfield, phase contrast, and darkfield. The darkfeild achieved with a phase contrast turret condenser will not be the same result as using a dedicated darkfeild condenser.


Pros & Cons

Phase Contrast
Less expensive
Most costly
Easy set sp
Time consuming set up
Valuable information without oil objectives
Requires oil objectives (100x)
Can do phase, brightfield, & darkfield with the same condenser
A dedicated darkfield condenser is necessary and in order to achieve brightfield you need to swap out condensers
Image will have black & white with shades of gray
Only black & white
You do not need to oil the condenser top
Requires oil to be applied to the top of the condenser - can be messy