How To Buy A Compound Student Microscope Middle/High School

Compound microscopes are commonly used in biology laboratories from middle/high school, and at the college/university level. There are countless brands which offer compound microscopes at all different price points and quality. Since obtaining budget for new instruments is becoming harder and harder, it's important to make a wise educated purchase decision so that you can ensure years of use from the microscopes you purchase. 

You never want to blindly purchase a microscope from us, or any website. You should talk with an expert that knows and can educate you on the differences. Many models look great in a picture, they may even look identical to another brand/model being offered elsewhere but pictures can be deceiving. Almost any middle/high school level microscope on the market today is made in China including all of the "major" name brands. Many of the factories in China will copy each others design which makes them to appear in a photo to be identical when they simply are not. There are differences that you cannot see in a picture for example the gears, the optics, and the size of the microscope. Another important factor to consider is parts/support. If any company guarantee a microscope will not need repair or will be trouble free is lying. Student microscope are constantly subject to abuse and wear and some will develop problems at some point in time due to this. Choosing a durable microscope can lower the chances of something going wrong, but again not guaranteed. This is why it is important to purchase a microscope from a brand/manufacture that supports their microscopes, and not only during the warranty period. Most manufactures offer a 5 year warranty, and most schools expect their microscopes to last 15-20 years, so it wouldn't good would it be if the manufacture does not support their past their warranty period. 

Microscope Central offers the largest selection of microscopes, we sell almost every brand/make/model you could consider and are knowledgeable on each and microscope. Not only do we sell microscopes, but we service/repair them, and have been doing so for over 80 years. Because of this we know which will hold up better than others, and which brands support their microscopes so you can keep them up and running for as long as possible. We encourage every customer to call and speak with us to discuss your specific needs, requirements, and budget. We will do our best to recommend the best and most appropriate microscope that meets your criteria. Saying that one model is the best out there would be wrong since everyone's needs are a little different.

We understand that in the fast paced world we live in that many people just want to do their on research online but you should understand a few things:

Anyone can post anything on the internet, and you should not believe everything you read! There are many sites that boast about a specific product or brand, but you should recognize that many of these sites receive kickbacks for linking you to a product or they are created by the owner of the sites selling the product!

Everyone loves Amazon, they offer fast delivery and reviews to help you make a purchase decision. Keep in mind that most people who buy microscopes on Amazon are amateurs/hobbyists. These people will post 4/5 star reviews since they have nothing to compare it to and it works. Another important factor to keep in mind is that these people review the product right when they get it, if they followed up after using it for a year or using another microscope their review will most likely change. 

We encourage you to contact us. We will help educate you to give you the tools to make the decision that is best for you and your school. Depending on the circumstances we may be able to send you a demo microscope to try out at no cost to you.