Gemology Microscopes

Gemology Microscopes


Gemology microscopes are known for their rugged durability, versatility in a variety of applications, and their excellent optics. Jewelry designers and gem outlets across the world rely on gemology microscopes to help them analyze, grade, and value gemstones every day. They are a dependable piece of equipment that has helped revolutionize the industry.


In this article, we’ll take a look at the components that make gemology microscopes so helpful to jewelers and researchers, what to look for when shopping for one, along with some of the most popular gemology microscopes we offer in our store.


What Makes Gemology Microscopes Unique


Jewelers use gemology microscopes during their daily labor, to set stones, grade their appearance, and ultimately set the price. Gemology microscopes are equipped with a stereomicroscope’s variation of a darkfield condenser, as well as a specialized set of tweezers called a Gem Clamp to help hold the stone in place as the user views it.


The darkfield condenser is used to illuminate the interior of the gem sample. It functions as an iris to only allow a tiny pinprick of light to hit the gem. This helps the jeweler observe any fractures, inclusions, or other elements that would affect the grade of the stone. The iris also produces a dark background around the sample, which provides the necessary contract for the user to view the gemstone’s elements in superb detail.


What to Look for When Shopping for Gemology Microscopes


One of the most important considerations when shopping should be the quality of the darkfield condenser. Without it, grading gemstones will be more difficult, and you won't have as much accuracy without viewing the interior elements of the stone. Next, it should have a good range of magnification. While you can get by with up to 30X magnification, for more precise evaluations, you should choose one that can go above 60X magnification. Finally, the working distance between the microscope and gem should be at a minimum of 80 to 85 mm. The ensures that you can manipulate the stone comfortably.


Our Featured Gemology Microscopes


Because gemology microscopes are so crucial in the field of gem evaluation and grading, many of the most popular models on the market are fairly expensive compared to other industry-specific microscopes. Gemology microscopes, along with other specialized equipment should be viewed as an investment that will pay for itself in the long run. With this in mind, here are a few of our popular gemology microscopes:


The Motic GM-171 is great for capturing a three-dimensional view of a gemstone thanks to the two eyepieces. 


The AmScope 3.5X-90X is great for professional jewelers that want a wide magnification range. It offers a super widefield zoom from 3.5X all the way to 90X.


The Accu-Scope 3075 is a rugged and precise gemology microscope for use in professional applications. It is available in both binocular and trinocular models for more versatility. This microscope is a more advanced microscope offering a full 360 degree rotating tilting stand. This also includes an LED pinpoint light which allows for better observation of your stones


The Best Gemology Microscope Selection


Whether you’re buying your first gemology microscope or you’re looking for an upgrade, we have the equipment you need! Be sure to browse our entire selection of gemology microscopes at Microscope Central! We offer the best equipment to help you make new discoveries every day!