Embryo Transplant Information

Similar to a surrogate mother embryo transplant is a technique where embryos a collected from one female and then transferred to another. This allows females with a desired trait to have a greater influence on the genetic advancement of a herd/flock. The female in which the embryo is taken from can continue training or showing, while producing offspring.  The first successful embryo transfer was performed with rabbits in 1890's. Since then embryo transfers have been performed on almost every species of domestic and wildlife animals such donkeys and horses.

An important tool to complete an embryo is an embryo transplant microscope. A proper microscope for this delicate process is a high quality stereo microscope with a wide zoom range and proper resolution. The stand used is also very important, it must be a stand that uses a mirror in the base to reflect the illumination up from the bottom, this type of stand is referred to as a diascopic stand. Direct illumination without a mirror reflecting it will degrade the embryo. Also the reflected light allows you to control and manipulate contrast.

All of our embryo transplant microscopes come configured properly complete with diascopic stand. Not sure which microscope is right for you? Contact us and we can help!