Microscope Polarizing Equipment

Browse our microscope polarizer plates and equipment below and order today! For any additional questions, contact us for more information.
Meiji MA550 Rotatable Polarizer For EMZ Stereo Microscopes
$160.00 $144.00
Meiji MA550/05 Rotabable Polarizer For EMT & EMZ Stereo Microscopes
$160.00 $144.00
Meiji MA550/10 Rotating Polarizer For EMT-3 & EMT-4 Stereo Microscopes
$160.00 $144.00
Meiji MA550/15 Polarizing Filter For RZ Series
Meiji MA667 Polarizing Plate For RZT, RZBD Stand
$190.00 $171.00
Meiji MA668 First Order Red Plate
$190.00 $171.00
Meiji MA762 1/4 Wave Plate For RZ Plan Objective
$380.00 $342.00
Meiji MA978 Rotatable 1/4 Wave Plate
$370.00 $333.00
Meiji Polarizing Plate For Stereo Microscope Bases
$190.00 $171.00
Meiji Rotating Polarizer For EMZ-12 Stereo Microscopes
$190.00 $171.00
Motic K Series Streo Microscope Polarizing Set
Polarizer & Analyzer For Accu-Scope EXC-120 Microscopes
Polarizer & Analyzer For Accu-Scope EXC-400 Microscope
Simple Polarizer For Accu-Scope 3000-LED Microscope
$278.00 $270.00