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Leica Diffusion Disc For 2.5x Objectives

This diffusion disc is designed for use with the Leica DM series microscopes if your condenser has a slot in the side. It fills the filed of view with light...

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Leica DM3000 Microscope Condenser - 11505198

Automated condenser Achr.apl. A 0.9(P) for DM3000 with automated switchable condenser top, with color coding for fast and easy setting of the aperture diapragm, for brigthfield and polarization (qualitative), with...

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Leica Flip Top Condenser - 11501183

Brand New Leica Flip Top Condenser For Use With Low Power Objectives For Use With Leica DM1000, DM2000, DM3000, DMLB, DMLB2, DMLS, & More Part Number: 11501183

Leica Phase Contrast Turret Condenser w/ Flip Top - 551062

This is a phase contrast turret condenser for Leica DM series microscopes. It is a flip top condenser with phase rings for 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives. This has a...

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