Labomed C-Mounts

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Labomed Luxeo 6Z C-Mount Adapter

C-Mount video adapter for the Labomed 6Z stereo microscope. It allows you to attach a c-mount style camera to this microscope.

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Labomed Luxeo 6Z DSLR Camera Adapter

DSLR Adapters for Labomed Luxeo 6Z Microscope   4146075S DSLR video adapter for Sony e-mount 4146075N DSLR video adapter Nikon f-mount 4146075C DSLR video adapter Canon ef/ef-s mount

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Labomed Lx Series C-Mount Adapters

C-Mount camera adapters for Labomed Lx series microscopes (Lx300, Lx400, Lx500, LxPOL) and TCM / MET series microscopes.  9126021 C-Mount Adapter 0.5x 9126022 C-Mount Adapter 0.35x 9126023 C-Mount Adapter 0.65x...

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