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Accu-Scope 5W Fluorescent Microscope Bulb 3368 (2 Pin-Style)

Pack of 3 For Use With: 3088, pre-2000 3085F, 3061, 3069, 3079 Microscopes Part Number: 3368

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Accu-Scope 8W Fluorescent Ring Illuminatior Bulb 3373

1 Replacement Bulb For Use With: 3360 Fluorescent Ring Illuminator Part Number: 3373

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Accu-Scope 5W Fluorescent Bulbs 3368-61 (4 Pin Style)

Pack of 3 For Use With: 3059, 3061, 3067, 3069, and 3088. Part Number: 3368-61

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Meiji 4W Tube Fluorescent Microscope Bulbs MA309/05

Pack of 3 For Use With: Fluorescent box illuminators for GEM stand microscopes Part Number: MA309/05

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Meiji MA305/05 Bulb

Spare ring fluorescent tube, 8 watt DL (daylight) For Meiji MA305 Illuminators

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Meiji 8W Fluorescent Microscope Bulb MA305/05

Single Bulb For Use With: MA305/100, MA305/200 ring fluorescent illuminators Part Number: MA305/05