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Olympus PlanApo N 60x Oil Microscope Objective

This Olympus PlanApo N 60x oil objective lens has high 1.42 N.A. with  a 0.15 M.M. working distance. The RMS threads and is infinity correction make it compatible with most modern Olympus microscopes. ...

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Olympus UPlanFL N 60x Oil Iris Microscope Objective

This Olympus UPlanFL N 60x oil objective lens has an iris diaphragm allowing you to adjust the N.A. from 0.65 - 1.25. It has a 0.12 M.M. working distance. The...

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Olympus UPlanSApo 60x Oil Microscope Objective

The Olympus UPlanSApo 60x oil objective provides high resolution with a working distance of 0.15 M.M. and a 1.35 N.A. It has RMS threads and is infinity corrected making it compatible with most...