Three Gems

Three Gems

Cut. Color. Clarity. Carat.

The 4 C’s - They are the focus of any diamond purchase. Well, sometimes its the 5th C – Cost! But I digress. If you are a jeweler, the 4 C’s help you set price and form the basis for the conversation you have with your customers. The ability to effectively communicate these characteristics of a particular stone is critical to a successful sale.

When grading a diamond, it is important to use a high quality gemological microscope with a rotating/tilting base and multiple illuminators to make it easy to view facets and surface graining. A digital microscope (with HD Camera and Screen) allows you to more easily view the stone and capture images. It also allows you to share live images with prospective customers, enhancing the sales process.

Check out these three high quality Gemological Microscopes available at Microscope Central. All come equipped with a high quality gemological stand and incorporate:

- Tilting/rotating base for ease of use

- Darkfield bowl with iris diaphragm to help you see inclusions

- Steel wire stone holder to easily move and angle the gemstone

- Overhead fluorescent illuminator and LED pinpoint light guide

- 15x or 16x eyepieces to provide the magnification you need

Accu-Scope 3075/3076 Gemological Stereo Zoom Microscope

Leica S7E Gemological Jewelry Microscope

Leica S9 D Gemological HD Digital Microscope

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