Veterinary Microscopes

Veterinary Microscopes

Selecting a microscope may not be at the top of every veterinarian’s to-do list. There are a lot of reasons to put it on the back burner…lack of formal microscopy instruction, limited experience with a scope, or even the relative complexities involved in the purchase decision. Whatever the reason, it may be time to revisit that to-do list as compound microscopes are now essential tools at general veterinary practices.

While microscopes are ubiquitous for urinalysis, fecal and skin sample examination to identify and evaluate the presence of bacteria and parasites, they are also used in hematological and cytological exams to screen for infections, anemia, and cancer. With increased in-house lab capabilities in these areas, a practice can provide quicker, more effective diagnosis and treatment while developing additional sources of income.

One thing to consider is the extent to which you want to employ your microscopes throughout different areas of your practice. You may want to restrict it to use solely by the technicians. In this case, a simple binocular head (two eye pieces) would be sufficient. However, if you plan to use in a teaching setting with staff, or for client consultation, a trinocular head would be appropriate. A trinocular head allows you to add a digital camera and output images to a screen for convenient viewing via USB to computer, HDMI to monitor, or WiFi to phone/tablet/device.

If you are looking to add or replace a microscope (especially if you have an older scope), it is also important to note that the microscope landscape has changed in recent years. There have been great improvements in quality for instruments that are manufactured outside the US & Germany. In fact, there are a number of Chinese and Japanese products that are excellent and will serve your practice well.

Having a reliable and easy-to-use microscope will help you to satisfy customer requirements more quickly. Our experts can help suggest the best microscope for your needs and budget, but here are a few of our most popular options:

Leica DM750 Microscope– The Rolls Royce of microscopes - crisp optics, smooth movements, and simply the most durable microscope on the market. The craftsmanship and attention to detail really shows when you get your hands on this microscope. It’s the little things like laser engraved information on the objectives, and stage that will keep the DM750 looking sleek for years to come.

Accu-Scope 3000 LED Microscope– A solid all-around microscope that will get the job done. It’s a full size microscope with LED illumination and great optics backed by a reputable manufacturer you can rely on.

Accu-Scope 3000 Digital Microscope Package Our best selling, pre-configured digital package with HDMI/USB output camera. The optional 11.6" viewing screen offers a space saving, all-in-one digital solution for training or client consultation.

When you are ready to purchase a microscope, it is important to make a list of all your needs and then research scopes to determine the best options. This can be done online at Microscope Central or you can contact one of our experts at

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