Microscope Trivia

Microscope Trivia

So, lets change things up a bit here. Instead of my usual blog, we’re going to play a round of Microscopy Trivia.

Don’t worry. No need to answer in the form of a question. But keep track of your score and let me know how you did!

  1. Name the optical company founded by John Jacob Bausch in 1853 in Rochester, NY.  ANSWER
  2. This microscope uses two separate optical paths to provide a different viewing angle for each eye.  ANSWER
  3. Type of microscope that has the light source above the stage and the objectives below the stage.  ANSWER
  4. Microscope Central is the online store for what Microscope Company, founded in 1936?  ANSWER
  5. You should always place this on your microscope, when it is not in use. ANSWER
  6. These microscopes are used by Water Resource Recovery Facilities to determine the level of filamentous bacteria in water.  ANSWER
  7. What do you pair a 100x objective with to achieve 1000x magnification?  ANSWER
  8. What are the two types of microscope mechanical stages?  ANSWER
  9. True or False – oil is required with a 100x objective?  ANSWER
  10. What is Microscope Central’s most popular selling laboratory and veterinary microscope?  ANSWER

BONUS: 3 POINTS Who do you call when you have a microscope question?  ANSWER

Well, how did you do? If you want to build that Microscope IQ, check out our Resource Page, call us at 800-219-1451 or email sales@microscopecentral.com.

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