Leica DM750 - 10 Reasons Why It's A Great Choice

Leica DM750 - 10 Reasons Why It's A Great Choice

The Leica DM750 is a superb laboratory grade microscope – certainly one of the best all-around instruments on the market. It combines premium optics with user-friendly features on a microscope body that is built to last. Considered by many to be the best scope available for student use at the university level, it can also be a very effective clinical microscope solution. Fully customizable, it is perfect for use by OBGYN’s, Rheumatologists and Urologists in a small office setting or for routine labwork at large institutions. 

Here are 10 Reasons why the Leica DM750 is a great choice.

  1. The head rotates 360 degrees without having to loosen a screw
  2. Information is laser-etched on the objectives—it will never wear off
  3. The integrated carrying handle makes transportation easy
  4. The integrated cord wrap helps makes storage simple
  5. The flared frame protects all moving parts when storing
  6. The one-handed slide loading device is quick and easy
  7. Easily integrate the ICC50 camera between the head and body of the scope
  8. Touchpoints are covered with antimicrobial paint
  9. LED Illumination comes standard
  10. It has all brass gears (no plastic whatsoever)


If you are ready to do a deeper dive on the Leica DM750, contact a Microscope Central expert today at sales@microscopecentral.com.

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