Zooming in on Client Needs: Think Pink

Zooming in on Client Needs: Think Pink

I. Miller Microscopes, which brings you microscopecentral.com, has been in the business of microscopy for over eight decades - and just as technology has evolved, so too have our capabilities to meet specific customer needs. We employ a truly hands-on and consultative approach, taking the time to learn exactly what the customer is trying to achieve and matching that with the optimal instrument and outcome. Often it requires customization and engineering. This problem-solving tenacity has remained present throughout four generations of operations. Let's see it in practice. 

We had the opportunity to connect with a new customer and put our consultative spirit to work. Our initial discovery session led to a great solution that should always be considered - a refurbished microscope. In this case, an Olympus BX41. Restored to perfect working condition by one of our factory-trained technicians, it allowed us to provide the customer with a high-quality microscope at an affordable price. 

Job well done, high fives all around, right?  Well, not so fast. The customer had an established brand identity that needed to be carried over into every aspect of the practice, which lead to one additional request. They wondered whether we could paint the microscope…pink!  Admittedly, it was a first for us, however we were up to the challenge. Making sure the microscope perfectly matched brand guidelines, our technician did some research, found just the right shade, and yes, he painted that BX41 pink. 

We know it will not make the customer blue....

So if there is a moral to the story of the Pink BX41, it is this: We make sure your microscope is EXACTLY what you NEED, even if you need it pink, or green or purple, for that matter.

What do you need? Call 800-219-1451 or email us at sales@microscopecentral.com. 

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