Scienscope MAC2-PK1-DM HD Macro Zoom Video System - Camera & Monitor with LED Dome Light on Extended Post Stand


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The revolutionary MAC2 series HD video inspection system from Scienscope merges the latest in HD video technology with the clearest macro video optics to provide an easy to use forward-looking inspection system for your most fatiguing and difficult to see quality processes. The systems use a forward mounted 720p HD LCD monitor and camera with integrated image capture to an 8GB SD/USB card for comfortable inspection and click-of-a-button image capture. Improve quality, document supplier parts, and reduce eye and neck strain simultaneously. Key Features:
  • 60 fps Real-Tim High Definiation System
  • Capture image with a PC
  • 720p HD Camera and monitor combination with built-in SD card slot for quick image capture.
  • Navitar Zoom 7000 lens. 2X magnification doubler available (PN: CC-97-LN1-2X).
  • Try the NEW defused LED dome for inspection of highly reflective parts.
  • Perfect for delicate assembly applications and inspection
Focal Range: 18mm-108mm
Magnification Range: 3.7X - 61.9X
Zoom Ratio: 1:6 Parfocal
Field of View: 12.26mm - 284mm
Working Distance: 117.8mm - 304.8mm
Aperture: Manual
Iris Control: Manual
Focus & Zoom Control: Manual
Video Mount: C-Mount
Camera Format: 2/3" or smaller
Stand: Extended Post Stand
Illumination: Defused LED Dome Light - For highly reflective objects 
  Camera & Monitor Specifications
Sensor CMOS; 1/2.5″
Resolution 1280 x 800 @ 60 fps (24-bit), 16:10 Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate 60fps
Pixel Count 2 megapixel
Pixel Size 3.75 x 3.75 um
Color RGB (individual adjustment)
White Balance auto/manual
Exposure auto/manual
Contrast manual
Memory slot SD (Up to 32GB)
Memory Card SD/USB 2.0 Dual-Interface 2GB card included
Cross hair grid Up to 4 horizontal and 4 vertical
Power 5-12VDC
Lens mount C-mount

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