Motic Industrial Microscope Boom Stand

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It is universally adaptable to all Motic stereomicroscopes as well as third party microscopes without the mess of adapters. Bestowed with an industrial knuckle holder for all standard arms with the Æ15.8mm [5/8"] mount, the stand easily accepts any microscope without hassle or down time to get the task done.

For those applications involving small to large samples, or applications requiring a large field of view [involves the use of auxiliary objectives], the 200mm of height adjustment employed guarantees you will be able to observe what you want. Stand interference and/or contanimation is not a problem with the industrial arm boom stand, as the stand can be positioned away from the sample thanks to the 465mm of extension [maximum] .

  • Length of base:300mm
  • Width of base:300mm
  • Horizontal movement:400mm
  • Length of vertical pole:400mm, 600mm for optional
  • Vertical pole mounting diameter:Ø32mm
  • Focusing pole mounting diameter:Ø25mm/ Ø32mm
  • Connected with the industrial arm directly without focusing connector

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