Motic GM-168 Gemological Microscope

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The Motic GM-168 utilizes the optical performance of Motic's SMZ-168 stereomicroscope to enhance distinct three-dimensional details with a zoom function. Rugged and precise, the optics of Motic GM-168 gemological microscopes perform identifications, analyses and measurements more accurately and efficiently.

Type: Greenough Zoom Optical System
Head: 45° Binocular stereo microscope head OR Trinocular Head - Photo/Video: 100% [right eyetube]
Mag. Range: 7.5X - 50X, WD = 113mm
Eyepieces: High eye point widefield 10X/F.N. 23
Stand: Specialized Gemology Tilting Base - 0° to 45° Tilting range; 360° rotary base

6V/30W Intensity controlled Halogen Bright field/ Dark field illumination

Adjustable gooseneck 7W fluorescent incident illumination

Main Supply 110V


1.5X Objective, WD =  56.3mm

2.0X Objective, WD = 38.6mm

Accessories: Wire Gem Holder - Aluminum Carrying Case

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