Meiji BM and BMK Series Long Arm Stereo Microscope


$661.50  $735.00

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BM and BMK LED Series Long Arm Stereo Microscopes from Meiji Techno are high quality industrial and healthcare quality stereo microscopes mounted on a 255mm horizontal inclinable arm supported by a 300mm vertical post and heavy cast base. The integral illuminators on BM Models feature a three lens condenser system fitted into the binocular body and an AC auto voltage sensing power supply. BMK Model illuminators are mounted on the side with a ball swivel. The paired interchangeable parfocal objectives are mounted on a dovetail slide. Each unit is supplied with a plastic dust cover, grounded power cord and fitted Styrofoam packing. 

  • Upright stereoscopic images
  • High Quality optics with long working distance
  • Integral LED spot illuminator aligned with optical axis
  • Rated for 30,000 hours
  • Cool lighting
  • Auto voltage sensing
  • Magnification range 2.5X to 70X with optional lenses
  • Interpupillary distance 51mm to 80mm
  • Paired interchangeable parfocal objectives with quick-change dovetail slide mount
Model Objective Eyepieces Magnifications Illuminator Type
BM-1LED 1X and 2X WF10X 10X and 20X High Intensity LED
BM-2LED 1X, 2X and 3.5X WF10X 10X, 20X and 35X High Intensity LED
BMK-1/LED 1X and 2X WF10X 10X and 20X Incident Light LED
BMK-2/LED 1X, 2X and 3.5X WF10X 10X, 20X and 35X Incident Light LED

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