Lumen Dynamics X-Cite 120 LED Light Source

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 The new X-Cite® 120LED brings a whole new perspective to LED illumination with no compromise. This LED fluorescence microscope light source offers superior optical power and exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level with the broadest spectrum of fluorescence illumination through manual, PC and TTL control. With LEDs guaranteed for 25,000 hours and no lamps or modules to replace, X-Cite® 120LED offers sheer simplicity and convenience to researchers allowing them to focus on their experiments instead of equipment maintenance.
Simple and Intuitive The X-Cite® 120LED redefines ease and convenience in fluorescence excitation. Designed with intuitive controls and no bulbs or modules to install, set-up and operation has never been simpler. With LEDs rated to 25,000 hours and the elimination of consumable components, the X-Cite® 120LED lets researchers focus on their experiments instead of equipment maintenance.
Versatile X-Cite® 120LED is the ideal mercury-free choice for typical fluorescence imaging applications. The X-Cite® 120LED provides high-power, broad-spectrum fluorescence excitation from 370-700nm, catering to a wide range of popular fluorophores and fluorescent proteins. Highly-engineered direct coupling optics with the LED fluorescence microscope light source ensures bright, uniform illumination on microscopes from all major manufacturers.
Superior Performance. Precision. Reliability.
  • High-power, broad-spectrum fluorescence excitation
  • Ergonomic manual controller and built-in USB interface
  • Exceptional field uniformity at the specimen
  • Long-life, zero maintenance technology
  • Instant ON/OFF without mechanical shuttering
  • Quiet, vibration-free thermal management
Items Included in the System Package:    -  LED Head, PowerCUBE Controller, SpeedDIAL Remote    -  Microscope Coupling Flange (Select Below)    -  Accessory Kit (User guide/disk drive, quick start guide, tools, USB Cable, Power Cord) Additional Flange adapters available, contact us for more information



LEDs – 25,000 hours (or 3 years); all other X-Cite® 120LED components 1 year, parts and labor

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