Eyepeices for Motic SMZ 140 / 143 Microscope Series

Motic Eyepieces


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Eyepeices for Motic SMZ 140/143 Microscope Series
Widefield 5X / F.N. 22mm
Widefield 10X / F.N. 20mm  
Widefield 15X / F.N. 13mm
Widefield 20X / F.N. 10mm
Widefield 30X / F.N. 8mm
Graduated linear line and plain cross hair, point = 0.1mm/14mm (In 10x Eyepiece - Included)
Graduate linear line, point = 0.2mm/14mm (In 10x Eyepiece - Included)
360° Protractor, 30° increments (In 10x Eyepiece - Included)
Graduated linear line and double cross hair, point = 0.1mm /10mm(In 10x Eyepiece - Included)

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